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  • Rosie Hansen

A little Treasure goes a Long Way...

Back in the day, aquamarine was thought to be the treasure of mermaids. What a delicious thought! Mysterious gems from the deep.

This is not really true because aquamarine is from the Beryl stone family, found on land, but the stone does reflect the purity and relaxation of the sea in it's gorgeous colour, so why not dream a little....?

Do you ever feel a bit edgy? Need to clear your mind before for a heart-to-heart with a loved one? Perhaps you are flying overseas? Aquamarine is perfect for all of these things.

It is calming, soothing and cleansing.

It inspires truth, trust and letting go.

Historically, it was used by Roman fishermen.

Today, it protects all who travel by, over or near water.

ALSO, it is the traditional birthstone for those born in MARCH (happy birthday!!!)

At Divine Creatures Jewellery, we believe that your thoughts can change your life. FOR REAL.

Life can get pretty hectic sometimes, we need time to reflect and think on good things. When you do get that time out, having a healing stone close by is a great way to focus and strengthen those intentions.

If you pop over to our website here you will find some gorgeous little affordable bracelets with healing stones to boot (aquamarine is on there!). These are perfect for layering and the stones are smooth and comfy to wear.

Here are some AQUAMARINE specifics:

  • assisting in clear and heartfelt communication

  • bringing emotional patterns to the surface

  • balancing excessive anger or fear

  • clearing past emotional, physical or verbal abuse

  • moving through transition and change

  • clearing out of physical items or clutter

  • for safe and successful fishing trips

Is there some way that aquamarine can help you? Perhaps you thought of a friend about to travel, or someone that could use some emotional healing?

What a perfect little treat for someone you care about (and that includes you!). It would be a fabulous little pressie to arrive in the mail just before the weekend :)

Anyway, we fell in love with Mermaid Treasure and so it is now the name of the latest bracelet design. We also came up with a spanking new logo this week! What do you think?

Let us know by commenting on FB or Insta ~~~ in other news, we just joined Etsy and Pinterest, so so busy right now! So exciting, though :)

Well, have a brilliant week and really enjoy your weekend!

If you are a Gold Coast local, you can pop into the Burleigh Farmers Market on Saturday or the Coolie Markets on Sunday and say g'day, we'd love to see you.

Peace out,

Divine Creatures Jewellery

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