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  • Rosie Hansen

Have you got your ARTIST stone ready for Easter?

Happy Easter..!

Will you be soaking up the sun and sand this long weekend? We will be hitting Rainbow Bay and having some Easter fun with the family. There's the beaches and chocolate... so what about wine? Well the Artist's Stone, otherwise known as AMETHYST, has an interesting story behind it that just may include your favourite tipple. If you are in danger of chocolate coma this weekend, the Artist's Stone can help you with that, too...

In Greek mythology, Amethyst was the name of a beautiful nymph who was attacked by Dionysus, the god of wine, while he was drunk. The goddess Artemis saved her virginity by turning her into a clear crystal. Feeling sorry for his actions, Dionysus then poured his glass of wine over the stone in tribute to her chastity, which gave it a beautiful purple colour.

Today, Amethyst carries the energy of fire and passion, creativity and spirituality, but it is balanced with the logic of temperance and sobriety. So it is often used to prevent over-indulgence (wine, chocolate, cheesecake). Amethyst is super-popular with creative thinkers and doers. If you are going to give an amethyst to a friend, a bottle of wine alongside would be a great conversation starter ;-) It is also a powerful healing stone. Plants, animals and people can all benefit from the balance, sensibility and calm amethyst brings. It can inspire an enhanced meditative state, initiate wisdom and allow greater understanding. The traditional birthstone for those born in FEBRUARY Suggested Uses:

  • enhancing creativity

  • recovering from addiction

  • comfort during grief

  • enriching intimate relationships

  • spiritual grounding

  • counteract negative earth energies

  • purifying auras

  • focusing ideas

Our favourite way to use healing stones is by wearing them. Pop on a couple of AMETHYST bracelets before your big night out or before gift shopping. Our bracelets are available here.

Enjoy your long weekend, jewellery lovers!! If you are a Gold Coast local (and not confined to the house in a chocolate coma) you can pop into the Burleigh Farmers Market today or the Paradise Point Village Markets on Sunday and say hi :) Peace out, Divine Creatures Jewellery

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