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  • Rosie Hansen

3 ways to tell what colour your skin undertone is

Knowing the colour of your skin undertone is the first step to understanding what jewellery will look great on you.

This can be tricky because your underlying skin colour may not be what you see on the surface.

The surface colour of skin changes depending on sun exposure and other skin conditions but the skin’s undertone remains consistent.

There are three main undertones

  • Cool – pink/rosy undertones

  • Warm – golden/yellow undertones

  • Neutral – no obvious yellow or pink tones

Today I'm going to cut to the chase with 3 sure-fire ways to tell what your undertone is and then you can get on with the fun stuff!

1. What colour are your veins?

Check out the inside of your wrists. Do your veins appear blue or green? If they look blue/purple, you're cool-toned. If green, you're warm-toned. If you can't really tell, you probably lean neutral.

2. Do you burn or tan?

How about your colour after a day at the beach? If you burn easily or turn pink, you're cool-toned. If you tan, you're warm-toned. Not sure? You could have neutral undertones.

3. The white fabric test

Take off your makeup and pull your hair back into a ponytail. Now grab a pure white piece of clothing and an off-white piece of clothing. Hold them up to your face one at a time. Do you look better in white? Your undertones are warm. If you look washed out in pure white and better in off-white, then your undertones are probably cool. Feel great in both colours? Your skin may have neutral undertones.

Now you know your undertones - it's time to choose your jewellery!

Cool : Silver

Warm : Gold

Neutral : Silver &/or Gold

Choosing jewellery for your skin undertone makes shopping easier and your wardrobe better suited to you

A better understanding of your natural beauty is the key to perfecting a style that is genuine and absolutely gorgeous

Have a great weekend Xo

Divine Creatures Jewellery

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