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Wild Birds, Ahoy!

Remember Rowley? The all-amazing Wild Bird Rescuer from the Gold Coast?

Well, his work continues and we are humbled to support his volunteer service. Every year he saves the lives of countless pelicans, swans and many more.

He describes it in a pretty laid back way:

"It's kinda like having a pet, but one that you get to look after for a brief time and then let go..."

But we all know it's some crazy hard work!

Wild Bird Rescues has big plans to educate fishing enthusiasts and clean up the shoreline.

""...moves are afoot to purchase ten Fishing Tackle Debris Bins. This project has long been on my radar. If approved the bins will be installed at key fishing sites around the Gold Coast in an effort to curb the obscene amount of discarded tackle that causes so many bird entanglements."

This project is SO WORTHY of all our attention - something so simple that will change the lives of many local birds.

"Hopefully we can also get permission to build and install extra signage advising fishers that dropping unwanted line on the ground is not just an illegal act, but one that has far reaching and largely unrecognised consequences. Discarded line is a huge threat to foraging birds, entangling and maiming countless innocent creatures every year."

Are you a Gold Coast local?



Then you can get behind this volunteer service in person! Just drop Rowley a line via www.wildbirdrescues.com.au and ask how you can help

Let's send a thousand positive thoughts Rowley's way and look forward to seeing cleaner shorelines and happier birds around the Coast...

Of course, donations are always welcome and you can do that via the website, too.

You may have already helped out by purchasing one or more of our charity bracelets (THANK YOU!!)

From feathered friends to fur-babies, this August we are raising money for Friends of the Hound, Greyhound Adoption Group - another awesome volunteer group with a huge heart.

Check them out here

$1 from each $10 bracelet purchased during August will go to Friends of the Hound

Buy a charity bracelet here

Have a great weekend, everyone! Maybe we will see you around - Burleigh Farmer's Market on Saturday and the Village Markets, Burleigh, on Sunday Xo

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