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  • Rosie Hansen

Blue Lace Agate

It's time for a Spring Clean!

Clear away past hurts with your nearest and dearest, refresh your relationships and get those positive energies flowing...

Blue Lace Agate was named after the ancient Achates River, Greece, and can be a beautiful pale blue to translucent white with occasional swirls of white and light brown

There are so many ways blue lace agate can be of benefit to you. Consider carrying or wearing this stone to help with:

- expressing emotion

- public speaking

- thinking before you speak

- keeping a secret - for good health

- pregnancy and breastfeeding

- post-natal depression (the baby blues)

Agate encourages discernment about the thoughts you share and the beauty of inner silence; promoting inner stability, composure and maturity

Are you a new mum? Well, some people say that wearing agate on a long necklace under your clothes encourages lactation and helps with the "baby blues"

If you pop over to our website here you will find some gorgeous little affordable bracelets with healing stones to boot (blue lace agate is on there!). These are perfect for layering and the stones are smooth and comfy to wear.

As far back as the days of Babylon, agate has been used in healing amulets and ornamentation. In Feng Shui, it symbolises health.

Whatever you might use it for, this lovely, pale blue stone is an essential beach-beautiful accessory

Have a fabulous weekend!

Divine Creatures Jewellery

p.s. This weekend we are @ Burleigh Farmer's Market and The Village Markets, Burleigh